max pulse in doctors officeThe Max Pulse device performs a non-invasive test that helps the Family and General Practitioner manage and detect cardiovascular risk for their patients. Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of Americans and since it can present in different ways, it’s important to be able to utilize every means necessary to get an accurate depiction of cardiac health.

Additionally, cardiovascular disease is often silent and largely without symptoms. It’s sometimes impossible to know when disaster is imminent and when it’s necessary to refer the patient out to a specialist for further evaluation and care. Blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol screenings, blood sugar testing, etc. are just a few ways that offer a glimpse of what may be going on with a patient, but these don’t always give the full picture. In fact nearly half of all cardiovascular major events have occurred with patients who had no prior symptoms.

Diabetes also puts patients at increased risk for heart attack and stroke which means they should always be closely monitored for increased signs of cardiovascular disease regardless of whether or not they may be symptomatic.

The Max Pulse device is helpful test to use and offers additional insight into whether or not a patient has cardiovascular disease, and if so, to what degree. It can also provide further information regarding how well the blood is circulating.

Unless someone is presenting with obvious signs of a heart attack or stroke, most times, diagnosis begins with the patient’s regular doctor. Utilizing the Max Pulse device as an additional diagnostic tool can ultimately help save someone’s life.

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