Heart Disease and the Max Pulse

Heart Disease is the #1 Killer in America

If blood pressure and blood work told us the whole story, heart disease wouldn’t be the number one killer in the US with 2100 people dying every day.

What’s Needed to address this?

We simply need a better way to find patients who are asymptomatic of heart disease — a simple, non-invasive means of screening patients for plaque buildup and arterial hardening before symptoms appear. What currently happens is that patients are tested for cholesterol and for blood pressure. The problem is that sometime a patient can have heart disease but still have these metrics only slightly out of range- prompting complacency on the part of the patient. The time to address heart disease is early, but there is currently no quick and easy way to test for heart disease.  If a person is test for cholesterol and blood pressure, the only other options require seeing a specialist for an angiogram or radiologist for a carotid doppler. A big part of effective preventative medicine is having tests and procedures that are easy and inexpensive so that you can test a high percentage of the population. That is where the Max Pulse can make a huge change. The device itself is a similar cost to an ABI machine, and just as easy to use. There is no reason that every medical clinic in the US could not have a Max Pulse and be running a quick 1 minute test on every patient each 6 months. This would allow doctors and patients to see heart disease as it starts and to address it before it requires massively expensive intervention or threatens a patients life.