About Us

Max Pulse Device

We are an Austin based company specializing in Arterial Testing Equipment.

Our Company is an authorized distributor for the Max Pulse device. We sell and service a small group of devices that are oriented to cardiovascular and diabetes patients.

Our service and support is well reviewed and we pride ourselves on caring for our customers for however long they are using our equipment.

Training & Support

We also offer training and support for the Max Pulse device. 

Certified Quality

Max Pulse is well reviewed and we pride ourselves on caring for our customers


We ship the Max Pulse all over the US, and overseas.

"We have a lot of experience with the Max Pulse and have found it to be incredibly reliable in operation."

The Max Pulse is also one of a tiny group of devices that allows a quick and non-invasive check for asymptomatic heart disease.

General practice doctors face two huge problems that have lead to the very high mortality rate due to CVD. Firstly, there is a percentage of patients that have severe arterial hardening and do not realize they have a problem. These are patients that are at risk of sudden fatality.

The Max Pulse can help with these patients because the one minute test is easy to use as a screening tool. Secondly there are patients who have high cholesterol and are to some degree overweight and they know there is a problem but they do not think its serious and do not do anything about it. In this instance, the Max Pulse can also be a huge help by quickly showing a person that they do have to make lifestyle changes and they do have to take their medication because they do have a problem – the report shows it in black and white.