Max Pulse Testimonials

Max Pulse Device Testimonials

The Max Pulse provides a three-minute test to detect arterial hardening and stress levels. It’s non-invasive and uses a photoelectric clip on the fingertip.

The Max Pulse every day helps more doctors make accurate diagnoses and prevent asymptomatic heart disease, saving lives.

Over several years, hundreds of doctors and medical centers have adopted the use of Max Pulse in their practices and therapies. We want to share with you the experience of doctors who have used Max Pulse in their day-to-day life.

“The Max Pulse is a true game changer. It is an excellent screening tool for assessing the endothelial function of the vessel wall in addition to providing information on ANS balance. When a positive test for advanced arteriosclerosis is obtained, a carotid duplex with CIMT is performed in the clinic and a stress test is performed on the patient. This process led a few patients receiving cardiac catherization or carotid stenting due to the severity of their atherosclerosis. As a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine, I find the ANS report created by the Max Pulse to be of value as well. I use the device before and after manipulation to show the patients changes in their ANS balance. The Max Pulse is a great device for any office.”

Steven J. Bednarczyk, DO
Medical Director of North Hills Health and Wellness
Certified, The Bale-Doneen Method

“The Max Pulse device offers a simple, quick, and highly informative test for endothelial function as well as vessel integrity. This allows the clinician to identify patients at risk for cardiovascular disease allowing for appropriate counseling regarding lifestyle, diet, and supplemental changes as well as referral to a cardiologist if indicated. Also, patients appear more motivated to become proactive when discussing these test results.

Wayne Baumgarten with Long Life Cardio is easily assessable and most professional.I highly recommend Max Pulse not only for all medical offices, but especially those clinicians who focus on preventive health.”

Randy A. Birken, MD
Dr. Randy Birken has practicing medicine for over 37 years and has served on the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine.
Author, The Bio-Identical Way: Patient Profiles in Hormone Optimization Certified, Worldlink Medical Advanced Bio-Identical Hormones Certified, Cenegenics Research and Educational Foundation in Age Management Medicine Fellow of The American College of Surgeons  Fellow of The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Director of Birken Medical Aesthetics
“I am an internist in Newburyport, MA seeing over 120 to 140 patients weekly. I cannot overstate the value of using the Max Pulse. Every patient over 50 is screened for cardiovascular prevention. The analysis print out is easy to understand based on measurable parameters of arterial elasticity, arterial contraction, and residual blood. The patients understand the relationship to arterial health and get the importance of follow-up testing to see if our treatments document substantial improvement. Secondly we use the heart rate variability testing to assess autonomic nervous system health. For example, we want to know if someone is stuck in sympathetic dominance. We want to know if the patient is highly stressed and has no residual reserve. We document improvements in stress, endurance, mental health, and digestion using the HRV analysis as well as by symptom management. Our goal at our clinic is to prevent cardiovascular problems. Knowing that the arteries have excellent elasticity and contraction gives me reassurance that we are doing more than what is required by the standard of care. I cannot imagine working without the Max Pulse at our clinic.”

Dr. Daniel A. Eyink MD
Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Medical Acupuncture.

“I am a Chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA and have been in practice for 30 years.With such a large percentage of people dying of cardiovascular problems..stroke/ heart attacks I am very happy to find a tool for early warning of a predilection for such events in my patients. After all what does their GP know about their cardiovascular health? Usually very little. I know that when I do go to my GP, my physical includes BP, heart rate (non variable), and pulse ox. Not a lot to go on to determine risk factors.

I now offer this test routinely to new patients. If the patient tests well they are obviously happy. If the Max Pulse detects signs of cardiovascular disease I have tools to help that patient reverse this trend. And, in the occasional case where the Max Pulse detected serious changes I convinced the patients to obtain a consult with a Cardiologist for further evaluation. For myself, I feel this allows me to add one more dimension to my care of my patients by offering reliable way to screen for problems developing the the patients’s CV system… one that they do not get from their PCP. I find this has engendered a good deal of good will in my patients, brought in many patients to my office, friends and relatives of patients who have gone through this screening and been referred in to the office just for the testing and often then staying with my office to manage their health. I have had patients refer their friends from as far as 2 1/2 hours away to come to get tested.

The Max Pulse is easy to use, has a graphic readout of results that is easy for the patient to understand and is impactful for the patients to have in their hands. Many of the patients who have detected problems have decided to let us help them improve their results and with the Max Pulse we can re-test them to verify that through the treatment they are indeed improving demonstrably. For any doctor who wishes to add a dimension of cardiovascular health testing and treatment to the services they offer I cannot recommend any better investment than this excellent diagnostic device for their practice. The testing does not take long and while I do it personally, it would be equally possible for staff to be trained.”

Dr Kyle Yoder, DC Q.M.E.
Chiropractor Santa Rosa CA

“I have had the Max Pulse machine for 8 years but now with the new update I am so happy to now be able to offer this test routinely to all my patients. At my clinic I try to focus on preventive health and I am glad to have the Max Pulse to motivate my patients to become more proactive when discussing these test results. It is portable and easy for me to do events with because the Max Pulse is so easy to use. It has a graphic readout of results that is easy for the patients to understand and they can take a copy home with them right away.”

Dr Lynn Chiassan DN,
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Moose Jaw Canada

“The MaxPulse is an easy to use and easy to integrate program that is both easily understood by patients and easily interpreted by doctors. It’s just easy on everyone. People are becoming more acutely interested in their health and well being before they are diagnosed with a condition, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. The MaxPulse gives me the opportunity to provide a real time look at a patient’s current arterial and autonomic health, and allows us to start down the path to better health before entering a state of disease. Additionally, Wayne Baumgarten was incredibly helpful and attentive in getting me set up with the software, execution of the screening, and interpretation of the data. Thankful to have a support person that handled the situation so quickly and professionally.”
Dr. Anthony Tortorella
Sport Hill Chiropractic and Rehabilitation
Adjunct Professor, University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic